Human and technological capacities

Today, the company employs a total of 54 people, out of whom 51 have higher education and 24 have a Candidate of Sciences degree in their respective subject-matter areas.

In an effort to build a talent pipeline for the future, the company is working on creating specialist training environments with some of the republic’s leading universities. In 2017, Botlikh Radio Plant, OOO joined efforts with the Dagestan State Technical University to launch a specialized subdepartment called “Microwave Technology,” for which it also provided the required facilities and infrastructure. The company’s plans for the near future include a wide range of organizational activities and joint research work with the Dagestan State Technical University and the Dagestan State University of National Economy.

The existing facilities of Botlikh Radio Plant, OOO (laboratory equipment, analytical equipment, pilot/bench testing equipment, resources, materials, and components) enable the company to create product prototypes. There are plans, however, to develop series production capabilities by securing additional facilities and human resources. So, for example, the company is planning to build new property assets to be used for production, storage, and other purposes, to purchase plant and equipment assets, and to hire 153 production personnel.