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Equipment for corporate networks


The 10G/100G Ethernet router is designed for use in communication networks as a transceiver device enabling data acquisition and transmission via fiber optic cables. It is a robust hardware solution that can be built into network elements and provide configuration flexibility for them using main processing units and interface units. The product’s data balancing function is designed to conduct analysis in 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet networks while filtering and/or balancing the data into channels with lower bit rates (10 Gbit/s) based on operator-defined parameters.


SwitchThe switch has been designed leveraging high-performance components and the TOS platform. It can function as a backbone switch or as the core switch in a facility’s networking environment. The product can be used in a data center, to provide high-speed access to servers, or in a network, as the main switch configured to meet the requirements of a comprehensive security policy.